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Posted by SavvyOverDog - October 14th, 2015

How time flies, Tuesday the Thirteenth come and gone. And I feel like crud. Nevertheless, I'll have something nice to show soon..


5/13/16- Dammit I missed it again. lol.

Posted by SavvyOverDog - June 2nd, 2015

To those who actually reads this or perhaps no one at all:

I have been aware that most of my work has been criticized for the lack of understanding whats going on or annoying gimmicks I've used these past years. It doesn't matter anyway due to lack of popularity as animator and storyteller. And thats perfectly fine.

I want to reassure that things will change. Eventually my little fun crews will go tired of me in some way or form. In fact I already lost contact with some already.

Right now I am posting this for my own benefit as a reminder that every day I look at this page, log in, view my own work for entertainment, or simply someone reviewing my work or following me, that I have to go through with change.

But there is still other loose ends to do. Rather than abandoning it due to lack of time or energy to go on, I will be determined to finish it as tribute and perhaps in some regard respect towards all the groups I've joined as a farewell to their legacy. It sounds like I'm just going to continue the same trend I done before and this is true in some way but it will be the end of the line of repeated works and I'll move on for good.

As of now, There will be 2 more movies for the Lock Legion with the dreaded speakonia crap. It has been set and time properly to the point I refuse to remove it for the sake of pleasing the general audience. After I finished the products, I will be done with having a full on speakonia movie. You all will have to deal with horrible voice acting. Why? because the people said so.


Soup Squad has been waiting for one movie of mine to be delivered which was nearly done in the voicing and all set in building the characters and scenes but  lack of animation has yet to be done. Eventually this will be completed in order to give myself some peace of mind that I haven't ignored or lied to them that I really meant this would soon see the day of light on newgrounds.


Clock Day is a big thing in terms of flash crews that its too hard for me to ignore to contribute something. But since from now on any NEW work I will be producing will not contain speakonia filled voices, I am not sure what I want to present to them. Given my history with them, anything is possible.


If all else fails, well you know how a newgrounder is when they truly know its the end of the line. Its alright though. There's always better talent out there that'll erase me for good  from human memory.

Posted by SavvyOverDog - December 2nd, 2014

I'm so screwed.

Posted by SavvyOverDog - January 2nd, 2014

So much stories to tell of the world of Locks, Soups, and occasional one time clock year. Badfurries might be possible to make something nice for this time of year. Hopefully we do see it soon!

Soupfest is coming near. And I for one am planning on big things for it! AH so much to do! x) so exciting!

A new age of the Lock Legion is here! What to suspect who knows =P

All right I'm gonna get crankin!


I had a thought after getting a "bad dream" about clocks. I am currently making it.  (1st)

So far 2 ideas for locks for lock day (and likely no more) (2nd)

Soups: ouch having a rough time with this again. its partly because I voice them out and not use speakonia.. ergh!!

one unfinished project and two not even made in its production stage!!! :( must find time! (3rd)

If banweek comes by before completion, this may need to be on hitaus.


But really no one cares. :((((((((

Posted by SavvyOverDog - June 22nd, 2013

It's simple, We kill the site make flash.

Summer Flash Fun Fest:
8/15/13 EDIT:

Well that was fun. Still more to do...

1. bfk's project(s)
2. LL-Kingdom Of Glorton** (THAT KH Project)
3.Soup Lore #1

So much left undone. My mind has no boundaries..Nightball is cancelled. Sorry.

Posted by SavvyOverDog - May 26th, 2013

Go watch some of our stuff why don't cha?

Posted by SavvyOverDog - August 24th, 2012

Hows it goin?