Ah! A new year! New beginnings!

2014-01-02 20:03:43 by SavvyOverDog

So much stories to tell of the world of Locks, Soups, and occasional one time clock year. Badfurries might be possible to make something nice for this time of year. Hopefully we do see it soon!

Soupfest is coming near. And I for one am planning on big things for it! AH so much to do! x) so exciting!

A new age of the Lock Legion is here! What to suspect who knows =P

All right I'm gonna get crankin!


I had a thought after getting a "bad dream" about clocks. I am currently making it.  (1st)

So far 2 ideas for locks for lock day (and likely no more) (2nd)

Soups: ouch having a rough time with this again. its partly because I voice them out and not use speakonia.. ergh!!

one unfinished project and two not even made in its production stage!!! :( must find time! (3rd)

If banweek comes by before completion, this may need to be on hitaus.


But really no one cares. :((((((((


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2014-01-04 16:15:52

I like stories

SavvyOverDog responds:

I like you