Entry #1

Oh hai

2012-08-24 21:38:20 by SavvyOverDog

Hows it goin?


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2012-08-24 23:09:10

Um okay.

SavvyOverDog responds:

You think I would be bouncing in joy that I registered on NG but in reality it goes away after a few seconds and I just resume to my usual activities :<


2012-12-20 17:03:25

I'm a rogue ex-KK member on loose in post Russo-Newgrounds reformation where everyone hates corporate flash games (that always pass) and crews that are Not Technically Dead yet can't find the will to so much as wipe their asses with a flash to submit, you better watch the fuck out.

In other words, welcome! :P

SavvyOverDog responds:

hey thar chewy


2013-02-20 00:05:18

It's goin goood.